Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Bryson started his first day of Kindergarten. Both of us were excited to see him go.

His teacher is awesome. He has Mrs Kohler and she has been my visiting teaching partner for the past two years so I know her well and Bryson had her for his sunbeam teacher. He loves her he just has to get used to calling her Mrs Kohler instead of Shauna.
Most of the kids in his class live in our neighborhood or are in our ward. He loves looking forward to seeing his friends at school. We are walking to school and it reminds me of when I used to walk to elementary school.
It is nice to get back into a routine. Bryson will go to school and I will come home and put Carley down for a nap and then I will get some stuff done. Or I might take a nap also.
He asked if I could make him a card for his first day of school so i made him a candy card and he was so excited.

His teacher gave the mothers this cute little poem with a pack of kleenex and hershey kisses. Even though I wasn't crying I still thought it was cute
"The First Day"
I gave you a little wink and smile
As you entered my room today
For I know how hard it is to leave
And know your child must stay
You've been with him/her for five years now
And have been a loving guide,
But now, alas, the time has come
To leave him/her at my side.
Just know that as you drive away
And tears down your cheeks may flow
I'll love him/her as I would my own
And help him/her learn and grow.
For as a parent, I too know
How quickly the years do pass
And fondly remember my turn
As I took my child to class.
So please put your mind at ease
And cry those tears no more
For I will love him/her and take him/her in
When you leave him/her at my door.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

swiss days

Come one come all to Swiss days in Midway. For those of you who don't know Midway has a tradition of Swiss Days that has been going on for decades. The wards in Midway help with the food and then vendors come and sell their crafts. All of the food profit goes to the general missionary fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is a great weekend. It runs this Friday and Saturday. You can come and park and take a bus or you are welcome to park in front of our house and stop and say hi and then walk up to town square. It is about 3-4 blocks to walk. If we aren't home we are probably in the scone booth selling scones so come stop buy and get a scone. The daily herald did an article of the making of Swiss bread that is sold at Swiss days and the pictures are from our ward's day of baking. We have a blast and love to make bread and braztlies.

Carley's first hair cut

Carley's hair is getting really long so I decided that she needed a hair cut. I have to have Eric's mom help cut hair because I don't know what I am doing when it comes to kids hair. I was down in Provo yesterday and we decided to cut her hair because Ann is going to be out of town for a month. We thought she would be best after her nap, but she woke up a grouch and even with ice cream before the hair cut she wasn't in a happy mood. But we got done what we needed to. We took off about two inches and just evened it all around. It doesn't look much different, but it doesn't look straggly on the ends

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rainy/Snowy Weekend

My Mom had planned a little vacation to the mountains this weekend for the family and what do you know it is the only weekend this whole summer in Denver that it has rained for 48 hours straight. And because we were up in the mountains at Winter Park we were able to see snow in August.

It wasn't quite the weekend we were expecting, but we made due. We were able to catch a few hours of sunlight on Saturday and go down the Alpine slide.

My brother Nathan and his little girl Morgan
Bryson had so much fun with his Aunt Debbie and Carley kept telling Grandma to go faster. After we were able to go swimming indoors and play on the miniature golf course at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch between rain storms. Even though the golf was a little wet, this was bryson's first time and he didn't want to leave. Carley also had fun golfing

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Along with going to the Zoo this week with cousins we were able to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Bryson's favorite part was the dinosaur bones.
He is really into dinosaurs now. I need to take him to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point. They also had a wildlife area of different stuffed animals and a discovery zone that the kids could play in. It was nice to go with my sister in law and her kids and my best friend and her daughter. We had a fun time together.

Bryson and his cousin Makena

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My kids were outside playing in my parents back yard the other night and Bryson started climbing one of their trees. I decided that it was a cute picture so tonight I got him in some nice clothes to take some nice pictures. I think they turned out really good.

Carley's little pose is thanks to my Mom who told her to put her hand on her hip.
Both Bryson and Carley lasted just long enough with some bribes for me to take their pictures.

The last one is of them trying to catch a bunny in my parents yard. There are tons of them around their house and they love to chase them. Thanks to my sister-in-law who does the braids in Carley's hair. I think it is so cute, but I can't braid so she does it when I am with her. (Sorry for so many pictures, but I had a hard time narrowing it down)

Denver Zoo

Bryson, Carley and I flew to my parents house in Denver last Friday on a last vacation of the summer. Yesterday we went to the Denver Zoo with all the cousins.

We had a lot of fun and the kids loved looking at all the animals. They loved feeding the birds and having them so close.

They also had a fun activity to see how far you can jump compared to different animals. I love this picture because it is Bryson jumping in mid air. He can jump as far as a jack rabbit.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Fair Days Weekend

What a crazy and busy weekend. We had family here visiting and we were constantly on the go. Friday night we went to the rodeo and had a blast.
Carley was my little cowgirl. Bryson and Carley loved the horses and cows. Carley was so cute when she kept asking if the cows were ok after the cowboys steer wrestled them to the ground or roped them.
Bryson's favorite part was the clown act where they had a miniature horse driving a slug bug.
The next best part was when one of the pick-up men came and let the kids pet his horse. The fireworks at the end are the best of the summer and we sit right underneath them and they explode right over us. They are awesome. Carley kept covering her eyes because they were so bright.
Saturday morning we had Bryson's kids birthday party.
Dinosaurs were the theme and the kids had a blast.

They got to dig for dinosaurs in the sand box and they had to save the dinosaur eggs from getting broken (water balloons). I think their favorite part was the water balloon fight after the party was over. Everybody went home soaked, including Grandma and Dad.
Saturday night we went to the parade on Main Street and collected candy and watched the floats. We had a great time and a great weekend.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Horseback riding

My sister-in-law and her kids are here this weekend for fair days. Every time they come they have to go to my uncle's and ride horses. The city kids love horses. They had so much fun.

Bryson and Makena on the horse

Makena riding the horse by herself and telling him to stop

Hunter (10 months) posing for the camera

Austin (my nephew) in front with McCrae (my cousin's son) in back. Uncle Hugh guiding the horse

Bryson on the horse
Carley kept saying she wanted to go on the horse, but then when it came to her turn she would back down and only want to pet the horse. Finally Eric got on the horse and put her on his lap and she loved it. She can't stop talking about "going on the horse with daddy".

Carley not wanting to ride the horse

Carley loving the ride with dad
Everybody is excited to go see the cows and horses at the rodeo tonight.