Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Snow

We had about 2 feet of snow on the 25th and 26th. This is what it looked like once we finally dug out...

Grandma had to stay an extra 24 hours until she felt like she could drive the canyon safely (I would have taken her back in the 4WD if she really needed to get back..)

The best part of the snow was pulling Bryson and all the other neighborhood kids on a sled behind the 4Wheller. I will post pictures of that later..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
Love the Andersons

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Christmas Clothes

Yesterday I woke up early and was actually able to calmly get my kids dressed and take pictures before we went to church. And I was quite happy that some of the pictures turned out. I really love digital cameras. The dress is a Costco special that Carley loved and the vest and outfit Bryson is wearing is from my Mom.

Santa's helpers

We have seen so many Santa Claus's this year that we had to start telling Bryson that the Santa's we are seeing are just Santa's helpers and that the real Santa is up at the north pole getting ready for Christmas. We saw the one Santa at our town christmas party, but I didn't like the picture so I decided to take the kids to the mall santa at Provo Towne Center.
I did like these pictures.
Then Last Wednesday at storytime they saw another Santa.

Then last night we had Eric's Mom's family Christmas party and another Santa came.
At least my kids stick to what they tell santa. Bryson wants a scooter, Wii, and legos. Carley wants a baby doll and barbie doll.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Card pics

So for Christmas cards this year I wanted to take Carley and Bryson's pictures in the snow, but it really hasn't snowed since the beginning of November. It finally snowed this weekend so yesterday we took the kids out and took pictures. Bryson was excited to play in the snow, but I told him we had to take pictures first and then he could play. But by the time we were done with pictures, and we didn't take very long, he was freezing and didn't want to play in the snow. Here are some of the pictures we took. The kids weren't acting the best, but we did get a couple good ones that will be on our Christmas card.

In these ones you can really tell the kids are shivering and freezing.
We all came home and had some hot cocoa.

Carley's Christmas Dress

This post is mainly for my mom. We both bought Carley a Christmas dress so she wore my mom's last week and will wear the one I bought her this week to church. Here are the pictures of her in her dress.

Dinner Saturday Night

Saturday night we were invited to some of Eric's high school friend's house for dinner, George and Barbie Miranda. There were four families there and all of the husbands plus one wife went to school in bakersfield with Eric. it was fun to get together and let the kids play. We had a pot luck dinner, socialized and played taboo. It was a fun night to get together with friends. George took the picture of the whole group so if he emails it to us we will post it

This is a picture of all the kids together Josiah Miranda, 3 Casamalhuapa kids, Bryson, Victoria Jackson, and Carley.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Town Christmas party

Last night our town had their annual christmas party. The had some singing and then santa came. The kids were excited to see Santa. I only wish santa was looking at the camera when we took the pictures. Bryson told santa he wanted a WII and Carley told him she wanted a doll. I don't think Carley quite understands when we ask her what she wants santa to bring,

christmas tree

So I am a little behind on posting. Last Wednesday we put up our Christmas tree. The kids had so much fun putting it together and putting the ornaments up. Carley asked if she could put the star up a couple days before we even put the tree up so Eric helped her put it up.
I like the real trees, but eric wanted to put up the artificial tree we already had. I love the lights and tree in our house and the spirit of Christmas it brings into our home.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Relief Society Christmas Dinner

I am the second counselor in the Relief Society and over Enrichment and on Tuesday we had our big Christmas Dinner and Program. I decided that I would delegate and make different committees for food, decorations, invitations, and the program. It all came out really nice and I didn't have to stress about everything. I loved the table decorations. I asked my cousin Shayla to do the decorations and it turned out awesome. She is amazing. The people that were in the decorations committee brought their christmas dishes from home and then they decorated the tables and other places. Here are some pictures. Our food and our program was also amazing. It turned out to be a really nice night. Also thanks to Ann who watched my kids and to Eric who came over last minute to help serve the meal.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

On Monday night we took the opportunity to take the kids to see the lights on temple square.
I met Eric at work and we went to dinner and then to the lights. The kids were wild the whole night, but it was still great to see the lights. We saw the natvity on the lawn and Carley loved baby Jesus. We then went inside the visitors center and saw the Christus statue. Then we walked around and looked at lights, the temple, and the water features. Carley loved the water features and Bryson loved the temple.

The weather was great that night and the kids took off their jackets and just wore their sweaters.
We kept trying to get pictures of the kids, but they were wild. Carley and Bryson were looking into the reflection pool and we asked them to turn around so we could take a picture and Carley responds to us by telling us to take a picture of her bum.