Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am starting to get into this blog thing, so I thought I would let everybody know what has been going on these past three weeks and see the pictures that go along with it. Eric's father, Stuart Duane Anderson II, passed away on February 12, 2008 from lung cancer. We decided to have two funerals because he had friends and family in both Utah and Bakersfield, California. Here are some pictures and notes of the happenings that went on during those two weeks.

The Utah funeral was held on Saturday Feb. 16th and most of Ann's, (Eric's mom,) family was able to attend. It was a very nice service, but when it was over we were all exhausted.

On Sunday we drove down to California to have a funeral in Bakersfield. thanks to David and Cherie Bunting for letting us stay at their house. Also thanks to the Neville's who let us invade their house and let Bryson and Carley play.

Bryson loved to hang out with Aunt Lori because she would always give him stickers. He also liked to hang out with Craig because he put surprises in his wallet.

We visited the best Mexican Restaurant in Bakersfield called El Pueblo. It has been a family tradition and favorite for a long time. Doesn't the food just look delicious. Bryson and Carley mostly ate chips

We then had time to visit with Stuart's brother and sister who I had never met and Eric hadn't seen in a long time. They love to laugh just like Stuart did.

The funeral and graveside service in Bakersfield was very nice

Because Justin had worked for the mortuary previously he was able to help lower the casket into the ground. And because my son is obsessed with back-hoes and dump trucks we had to stay and wait until the dirt was dumped in.

After we went back to the church and had lunch with the best dessert of all. Thanks to Reuben for the most wonderful cake.

Bryson was able to make friends and play around after lunch, but Carley fell asleep on the carride back from the cemetary and stayed asleep on the stage until family pictures were taken.

After the luncheon we were able to spend time with Dave, Doris, and Adrianne. We had a story session about Stuart and had a great time.

The weather turned out good although it was a little windy at the graveside service, but after the rain there is always a rainbow, and maybe even two if you look hard enoughDawnelle

What would a trip to Bakersfield be without stopping at In-N-Out. We stopped going down and coming back. Coming back they happened to give Bryson a hat and I thought it would be a cute picture, so here it is. He is now a crazy fanatic of In-N-Out. He has kept the reciept and he has a gift card that has been used that he carries around in his wallet. We also got both him and Carley a T-shirt.
After going to Bakersfield and seeing some peoples blogs it got me interested so I am going to give it a try with Eric's blog that he set up a couple years ago. It is fun to see what people are up to and keep updated.