Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carley's Birthday

Sunday was Carley's 3rd birthday and we had a family dinner based on "Hello Kitty". She was so excited for her birthday and she is excited to be 3. We had Eric's family come over for dinner and cake and open presents. Carley got a new bed spread that matches the babies crib. She also got a hello kitty stuffed animal, dress up clothes, tinkerbell doll and movie, and a hello kitty umbrella which she calls a rainbow. She loves to dress in layers with all her clothes and dress up clothes. It is fun to see what she creates.

Carley is a great addition to our family. She is super sweet and snuggly when she wants to be and is a total girl. But when she plays with Bryson she can get super feisty and loves to wrestle with him and she can hold her own


So it has been about a month since I posted my last blog. I wish I could say I have been super super busy, but that would be a lie. I have been busy, but I have also been lazy and not had a lot of energy. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and that takes a lot of energy out of me. then my kids take some more energy out of me. I have been trying to complete some sewing projects for the baby and then I got sick last weekend with Carley's birthday on Sunday. But for an update we had a good Christmas with a lot of snow. After christmas my mom came out for a little family reunion with her side. It was fun to have her here. Then Bryson started back in school and both my kids got sick. We are doing better now and I finally have a week to relax. It has taken me three times, but I have finally gotten into reading "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I am right in the middle and liking the book. I hope everybody is doing well and hope you don't think I fell off the earth