Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We are once again in soccer season. The kids have had 3 games so far. Bryson is doing awesome. He might be the smallest kid on the team, but he goes after the ball with all the energy he has, which is often more than the biggest kids on the team. He scored two goals last Tuesday and one on Saturday. They didn't win tonight, but he played awesome. He loves soccer so much.

We also put Carley in soccer. She is still getting used to it and trying to focus on kicking the ball. It is so fun to go and watch the kids

Easter pictures

Because we had General Conference on Easter Sunday I was unable to take pictures of the kids in their easter clothes. Then we were gone for 2 weeks so I finally got to them this past Sunday. The kids were so cute

I picked some tulips for the kids to hold and Maddy wanted to eat and tear hers apart.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

For spring break this year we decided to do the Southern California trip again. We had a lot of fun with family and friends. My parents were able to come down for a couple days, we had some friends that live in Southern California spend some days with us, and we were able to see Eric's sister and her family and also his brother.

We drove and on the way down we split the trip and stayed a night in Las Vegas. It's a good thing because our ipod broke that showed the movies in the car. Luckily for the ride home Eric knows how to get things working so we stopped at the Apple Store and bought a cord so his iphone could show the movies instead. It was nice to have coming home because we didn't split it up. Bryson and Carley did good. Maddy had her moments, but did relatively well.

We did Disneyland and Legoland again, but none of us had ever been to California Adventure so that was new and fun. We also did a couple days at the beach and a day in Bakersfield.

What a great way to make new memories. We had a blast! I love taking pictures and they remind me of the fun memories, so you are forewarned that there are a lot of pictures. I separated the posts into the different days we were down there for my own sake.


We had a fun day at disneyland. It rained a little in the morning, but we stayed inside while it rained and the rest of the day was nice. Bryson's first ride was star tours and he did it a couple other times throughout the day. Carley wanted to see the princesses first.

Mickey Mouse

Carley would go on any ride that she was tall enough for as long as Eric would hold her and protect her. Riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

We had some friends that live in southern california come with us. It was fun to Barbie, Josiah, and Gabriella come. The kids got along great.

We had to watch the jedi training show and Bryson didn't get picked the first time so we went back again in the afternoon and he got picked this time. They trained him in the Jedi ways and then he fought Darth Vader.

Mom and Bryson rideing Autotopia

later in the afternoon Carley was able to see Princess Tiana and dance with her. She was so excited


Even though we just went to Legoland last October, Bryson wanted to go there again so we did.

Legoland is located in Carlsbad and is known for flowers. I wish we could have gone and visited some of the flower farms, but this is one we saw from the road - the american flag is made out of flowers

Beach/surf day

Bryson has been talking about surfing since Christmas when he asked for a surf board and santa brought him one. Unfortunately the week in California wasn't very warm for surfing and the ground was rocky, but he tried for a minute. Luckily we were able to borrow a wet suit or else he never would have gotten into the water.

Maddy loved to play in the sand. She was good and didn't eat it.

Barbie, Josiah, and Gabriella met us at the beach.

Of course we had to bury someones legs in the sand.

Eric surfing - he is the one closest