Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy week

We have had a busy week this past week. Sunday we celebrated Ann's birthday. It was also nice to have Bryson's primary program the same day so Ann and Kevin came to church with us and then Sarah and Bryan came up later for dinner. We had her favorite of orange/ginger salmon. We also surprised her with her favorite cake from Glaus Bakery in SLC, it is a chocolate rum cake.

I couldn't find any normal candles, but I had two number ones so that is what we put on the cake. Bryson and Carley helped Grandma blow the candles out.
Tueday Bryson had a soccer game and Eric is the coach. He has moved up a level and he is one of the smallest, and not scoring as many goals like last year, but he still loves to play and has fun.

Wednesday I decided to start a science experiement in our house so we went and looked for catepillars in milk weed plants. We were lucky and found 2 - one for Carley and one for Bryson. Here are the first couple of days. Carley's ate the first night we got it and then when we woke up in the morning I looked all over the jar and I couldn't find it. Finally I looked on top of the lid. There it was. It stayed straight the whole day and when I looked right before dinner it had dropped into a "J" shape. This morning it had a green cacoon around it.

Bryson's is still eating milk weed in its jar.

It is so fun to watch them progress. The kids get excited too!! I remember when I did this as a kindergartener in California.

This morning I went and helped the PTA and walked with Bryson at his schools walk-a-thon. It was a lot of fun.

Today I am working on drying two boxes of pears and picking my tomatoes and canning them

Friday, September 18, 2009

Madalyn eating peaches

We got peaches from Sierra last weekend and everybody loves them, including Madalyn. We love these little net/food holders. You put friut in them and then they suck the juice and fruit out, but can't choke. One of her bottom teeth has finally come through. One down, how many more to go? (too many)

Carley's update

So Carley has started dance and preschool this past month. She loves going and dancing and she loves going to prechool

This picture is from Swiss Days a couple weeks ago. i worked in the scone booth cutting dough and Carley helped. She loved playing in the dough and flour

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Madalyn 6 months

Madalyn is 6 months old today. Man how time flies. We go to the dr tomorrow so i will see then what her weight and height is, but she is probably on the smaller size. I love her smile and giggle, she is a delight to have around.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bryson's first day of school

Today is Bryson first day of first grade. he will be at school all day (and I will have a nice break). He is excited to go. He loves learning and is smart and catches on quickly

He wanted to ride his bike to school

Carley wanted in on the picture