Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm pregnant

To all my friends in the blogging world I guess it is about time that I announce that I am pregnant. Most people who I see regularly know, but I thought I would let everybody else know. I am about 17 weeks along and due March 8th. I am still not showing very much and I am still able to wear my normal clothes, but they are getting tight so I will be going to my "fat pants" soon. Most people who see me don't know I am pregnant and others forget because I don't show. I am finding out what I am having on October 28th, so I am excited

Friday, September 26, 2008


So the little chicks that we started out with in the Spring have now grown into full grown chickens that have even started laying eggs. To see the little chicks click here chicks.
I was finally able to take the kids over this morning and see the chickens. It has been a long time since we have seen them and the kids were excited to go. Bryson was excited to see Betsy, his chicken. It is the black and white speckled on the back and white on the front and it doesn't have the red comb on its head.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It is getting the end of the garden season and I have to say that I am happy. I love fresh tomatoes, but Eric always wants to plant too many. I did 5 quarts of tomatoes. 15 pints of salsa. I donated some to my neighbors spagetti sauce and got a quart back in return. And this weekend I will have a whole bunch if it doesn't keep freezing. Last night it froze and luckily I covered them up because we are going to have a warm spell so more should be ripening.
I got a bushel of pears and did 7 quarts and 2 batches of dried pears, with more to go. My kids and I love dried pears.
My cousin married into a family of peach and cherry farmers in payson so I got a box of peaches and did 14 quarts of peaches. We also got a box of just eating peaches so we still have some left to eat plain and on peach short cake and peach crisp. YUM!
It is nice to have them in the winter, but I am sick of it now and my floor is a sticky mess. The last two years have been nice since we have Eric's parents camp stove that is on our back porch so I do the canning outside. Luckily the propane has lasted. I keep thinking that it is going to quit in the middle, but it hasn't so hopefully Eric can fill it up before I do another batch this weekend.
This weekend I need to go and pick potatoes, onions, carrots and take all my winter squash into the basement. Oh the joys!!!

Bryson's soccer games

So Bryson has had 3-4 soccer games and loves every minute of it. Unfortunately I forgot my camera until this last Saturday. Bryson is getting so good at his ball handling skills and comes home bragging that he has scored 6-7 goals a game. We are trying to get him to pass to the other members of the team which he does a little bit. He loves playing soccer and he loves his Dad as his coach. He is in the yellow.

He has a game tonight where he plays one of his friends. I told him this and at first he didn't want to play against her. Then later he came up and told me "so I have to steal the ball from her" I told him yes. So we will see how it goes.

Busy Month

So September has been a crazy busy month for me and I have hardly had time to blog, and when I want to I forget my camera. I think I might be finally up to date with pictures so there will be a couple of blogs in the next couple of days. This month started off with Swiss Days and then Bryson going to Kindergarten. I am volunteering in his class three times a month and watching my cousin's kids while she volunteers. Carley and her play great together. We have had a lot going on in Relief Society (I am the 2nd counselor). We had an Enrichment that we had to plan and prepare for. Thank goodness one is over. Next month we have super saturday so I have to do that next. We had a funeral last week for a guy that was 94. I had to help prepare the food and serve it. Thanks to my cousin who watched my kids. We have then also had Bryson's soccer games which will be the next post. The last two weeks I have also been canning like crazy which will be another post also. So overall I have been busy and on the go constantly.