Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Grandma Barker

One of the funerals that I attended this past month was that of my Grandma Barker. For the past 10 years she has had alzheimers and deteriorated. The past year she was on bed rest with no comprehension of what was going on around her. It is a blessing that she is finally free of all her suffering. I was able to do a slideshow for her viewing and here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

She was born in 1926, so this picture was probably taken in the late 1920's. I love the heart necklace that she is wearing.
This is her high school senior picture that was originally in black and white. My grandpa did some pencil color touch ups to it.
This is my grandma and grandpa before they left on their mission.
This is my grandma with her children when they took a cruise in the 1990's

The viewing and funeral were very nice. I didn't cry much when she died, (and I was even there) but during the funeral when everybody was talking about the memories we had of her I started bawling. I think I came to the realization that my good memories of her were when I was a child and teenager and that this part of my life is now officially memories and I won't be able to relive them again. I loved coming to my grandma's house during the summer and at Christmas. I love my Grandma.

my family
my mom with her brothers and sister
My kids in front of the casket. The sun was in their eyes and this was the best picture I got.

soccer in st george

So this is what took us down to sunny St George this last weekend. Bryson and his club soccer team participated in the President's Cup. They played a game on Friday, which they won; but then they lost both of their games on Saturday so they didn't advance to play on Monday. We still had a good time enjoying the sun and cheering the team on.

Bryson's teammate and goalie for the team Hawk
Bryson fighting for the ball

One of the shots scored by his teammate Spencer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zion National Park

So hopefully I am back to blogging, it has been way to long. Among the list of my excuses begins with no computer to organize pictures, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 2 funerals of grandmothers, 2 quilts made for the girls for their birthdays, and the everyday comings and goings.

I am now a converted Mac user thanks to my husband and i love my new laptop!!!

This last weekend our family went down to St George to watch Bryson in a soccer tournament. It was fun to get away to the sunshine (60 degrees is better than 30). We had a day off on Sunday and went to Zions National Park. Neither Eric nor I had ever been there. We figured it was a good time to go because we could drive through and not have to take the shuttle like they make you do in the summer. It was a snowy and cloudy morning,

but it turned into beautiful blue skies, by the afternoon and it was AMAZING with the snow on the cliffs. we did have to stop for a few minutes to let a tractor clear off the road where there was an avalanche from this mountain.

We had one of Bryson's friends with us and the two were a bundle of energy and ran the whole hike. It was a great day.