Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zion National Park

So hopefully I am back to blogging, it has been way to long. Among the list of my excuses begins with no computer to organize pictures, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 2 funerals of grandmothers, 2 quilts made for the girls for their birthdays, and the everyday comings and goings.

I am now a converted Mac user thanks to my husband and i love my new laptop!!!

This last weekend our family went down to St George to watch Bryson in a soccer tournament. It was fun to get away to the sunshine (60 degrees is better than 30). We had a day off on Sunday and went to Zions National Park. Neither Eric nor I had ever been there. We figured it was a good time to go because we could drive through and not have to take the shuttle like they make you do in the summer. It was a snowy and cloudy morning,

but it turned into beautiful blue skies, by the afternoon and it was AMAZING with the snow on the cliffs. we did have to stop for a few minutes to let a tractor clear off the road where there was an avalanche from this mountain.

We had one of Bryson's friends with us and the two were a bundle of energy and ran the whole hike. It was a great day.

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