Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Madalyn's 2nd birthday

Madalyn had her 2nd birthday last week, but we weren't able to get together with family until Sunday so that is the day we had her party. Maddy is our independent little girl who doesn't talk, but lets her wants be known. She does say mama, dada, and bubu for Bryson. She makes most all of the animal noises. She loves to read books. Her favorite movie is any of the Toy Story's or just within the last week "Beauty and the Beast". She can hold her own against Bryson and Carley and she pushes and shoves when she doesn't want them. She loves to snuggle. She is an early riser and wakes up at 6:00 and usually we just snuggle in bed. She has the cutest giggle and I love to hear her laugh. She loves to play dolls and house with Carley. For her birthday we had Sarah make a toy story cake and because she was turning 2 - it was a toy story 2 cake. maddy recieved all toys related to toy story. She loves buzz and to say she wants to watch the show she does the buzzing noise like a bee.

Maddy running out excited and seeing the presents

Opening presents

A buzz lightyear. After opening the Buzz she didn't want to open any more and she even pushed the presents away. We helped her with the next one and once she saw what was inside she put her whole body in the bag to get the toys out. it was so cute. In the bag was a soft woody, jessi, and buzz doll

Undoing the stupid wrapping that held buzz in the box

there is still a wire attached because you had to take buzz apart to get it off and she wasn't patient enough

Sarah is her favorite person when she is around. She loves Sarah and we love the cake she did for Maddy.

Blowing the candles out

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yummy Orange Julius

I feel like I don't blog very much any more so I am going to try harder to do more posts to remember what everyday life is like these days.
Anyways orange julius have been a tradition in our family since the winter after Eric and I got married. When he was younger and living in Bakersfield they used to go to orange orchards and get "juice oranges" and have fresh squeezed orange juice. So that first winter and every winter since whenever someone is coming up from Bakersfield we would have them bring oranges up. Some years we would get 1-2 boxes other years we would get 4-5 just depending. I always thought that i needed the oranges from Bakersfield, but this year Spencer wasn't able to bring any up so I started buying oranges from the store - I think the produce man thinks I am crazy. I figured that if oranges were less than $0.50/lb it is cheaper and TASTES LOTS BETTER to juice the oranges yourself than to buy the "fresh sqeezed" oj from the store. So far this year I think we have gone through 7-8 boxes of oranges. (each box weighs 40 lbs)
My kids love fresh oj and we make orange juilius at least 4-5 times a week. What started off as just oj, bananas, and ice cream has now added raspberries. My favorite is still without the raspberries, but the rest of my family loves it with raspberries. Also I just recently learned how to make homemade yogurt and I freeze it in ice cube trays and use that instead of ice cream. I love our healthy breakfast full of vitamins.
Oh and another thing that makes squeezing the oj fun is that I use my grandmother's 30-40 year old procter silex juicer that is the best.

Maddy loves the orange julius. She makes the funniest slurping noises as she is drinking and of course makes a mess all over her face. But she is so cute doing it.