Wednesday, December 15, 2010

North Pole Express

We had the opportunity to go on the North Pole Express today. Eric took off work and we took Bryson out of school. The kids had fun on the train and then we got to see Santa again at the North Pole. This was a good looking Santa. It was a fun day as a family.
Acting silly at the train station

Bryson on the train

Carley on the train

madalyn on the train

Bryson and Madalyn

Bryson and Dad

Bryson with Santa

Carley and Santa

Madalyn still wasn't sure about Santa

A beautiful picture of the north pole (aka soldier hollow) I love that I live in this beautiful valley. We had a fresh dusting of snow this morning.

Mom and madalyn

Carley, mom, and Madalyn

All three of the kids with Santa.

Town Christmas Party

Each year, Midway has a town Christmas Party. At the end Santa comes. This was the first time Maddy has seen Santa so she wasn't quite sure, but after the candy cane she was happy. Bryson asked for a skateboard and Carley asked for a pillow pet.
Bryson and Santa

Carley and Santa

Maddy wondering who this man is

Maddy starting to cry

The candy cane makes it all better

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

christmas lights at temple square

Monday night we were in Salt Lake so we decided to go to the lights on Temple Square. I love seeing the lights. The kids had fun too.

In one of the nooks of the temple. Maddy is getting to be a cheese with the camera

When Maddy rides in the stoller usually one child rides on the back and one walks. Eric was pushing the stroller because I was taking pictures and Carley asks if she can ride on his back. So he is pushing Maddy, Bryson and carrying Carley.

Bryson and Carley in front of the Christus statue

These pictures were taken before our ward christmas party