Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ann's Graduation - Commencement

The next day Lori, Aston, and Spencer came into town. We always have fun getting together and the kids love to play with everybody. 6 adults with 5 kids - 3 of whom at 2 years old is not fun on hard seats at the Marriott center for 2 hours. Thank goodness for technology - Maddy watched a show on the ipod and Bryson played his for a good portion. Eric also took Maddy out and they did laps around the Marriott Center. Even with a cast on she could still get around and it didn't slow her down.

Find Ann in the sea of graduates. Once again thank goodness for technology.

Maddy watching a show

Bryson, Ann, and Carley

Future Graduates

The Family

Ann's Graduation

So on with updating the blog. the end of April brought a crazy week of graduation at BYU. Eric's Mom graduated with a Master's in Social Work. The first night we went down for a small party with the social work class at the Provo Marriott. Eric's sister Sarah did another wonderful cake. It was a great night especially when Bryson got to get a picture with jimmer (see previous post)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring Break

So I am finally updating my blog and i have to go back to the beginning of April for Spring break. April, May, and June have just seemed to have flown by. We have been super busy running every which way. I think summer has finally calmed us down and we have finished our biggest project, finishing the basement (future post to with pics to come later). Another reason I wasn't blogging was because my laptop needed reformatted, but I needed to save somethings first. I finally did that and got it working again with a nice new solid state hard drive curtosey of Eric (He has told me specifically what this does, but all I know is that it makes the laptop so much faster)
So back in April the kids, my mom, and my aunt decided to get out of town and head to warm St George. (Eric was supervising the dry wall in the basement) I have never been to St George so it was fun to go and see the red rocks and the historical places. Our one slight disadvantage was maddy's broken leg, but we made due.
We went to Snow's Canyon and did some hiking and playing around on the red rock. We also went to Johnson's farm a dinosaur museum. And then we did the temple, Brigham Young's house, and the Tabernacle. Of course we had to go swimming and enjoy the beautiful sunshine that we were in so desperate need of.
The pictures were taken in Snow's Canyon. The kids loved to hike all over, but we should have left my mom at the hotel because she was a nervous wreck thinking my kids would fall and hurt themselves. No one got hurt and we had a wonderful time