Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a Girl

Eric and I went to the ultrasound appointment last night and we found out we are having another little girl. Everything else looks normal and healthy and my due date is still March 8. We are happy and excited.
Bryson was a little disappointed that he wasn't having a brother, but he is now excited for a little sister. Carley is excited that she is having a little sister.
As soon as I get a chance I will scan or download the pictures we got last night and post them.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Bryson didn't have school on Friday so I thought it would be fun to take the kids to cornbelly's and be outside and play. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun. My Mom was still in town so she came with us. The kids enjoyed the pedal carts, slides, hayride, and cow train.

Bryson's favorite activity was the corn blaster and pumpkin cannon.

We also enjoyed the kiddie corn maze. Bryson found the way out for us.

The kids also loved the box full of corn kernals. We had a fun day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Body World Exhibit

Yesterday I had the chance to spend the day in Salt Lake all by myself. My Mom is in town and she watched the kids and I drove down with Eric when he went to work. My main purpose was to go to the Body World Exhibit at the Leonardo down town. It was amazing!! In college I took 2 anatomy classes and they were my favorite. This exhibit has cadaver body's and body parts all on display. They have the cadavers in different positions to show the muscles, organs, nerves, and vessels. Their main emphasis in the exhibit was the heart. It is amazing to think how much the heart does for us and keeps us living. They showed different organs with diseases and what the disease does to each organ.
They also have a section on fetal development. It is so amazing to think of how our body comes from something so small and grows into a baby when it is born and then how it keeps growing until adulthoood.
I am so thankful for my body and hope that I can always keep it healthy and in good condition.
here is the link to the website for the exhibit Body World's.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bryce Canyon

This past weekend Bryson had Thursday and Friday off so we decided to take a family vacation down to southern Utah and my parents joined us. We drove down Wednesday after school. On Thursday Bryson, my dad, Eric, and I went 4-wheeling in just outside of Panguitch in a place called Casto Canyon. It was beautiful.

Bryson has so much fun being in the out of doors. He loves 4-wheeling and he loves to hike around and explore. Give him dirt, rocks, and sand and he is a happy dirty boy.
We didn't take Carley on the long 4-wheeler trips, but she still wanted to go, so we took her on a short trip behind Ruby's in near Bryce Canyon. She has so much fun

Friday we went into Bryce Canyon and hiked. We hiked from Sunset point to Sunrise point, 2.5 miles. Bryson hiked the whole thing and I was proud of him. He got tired and cranky when we were hiking uphill the last little bit, but in the end he raced Eric to the end and he won. Carley hiked a lot too, but we also brought the back pack so we could carry her. We took a nap after the hike and then drove around to the other stops in Bryce Canyon and took some pictures. The Canyon is amazing and has many breath taking views

(This was Bryson's favoritie rock formation from the trip. He thinks it looks like a monster)
Saturday we drove from Bryce Canyon to Capital Reef. In the afternoon we went 4-wheeling again. Both Bryson and I wanted to ride on the 4-wheeler with Eric, but after awhile of Eric messing around I decided that Bryson would have more fun so I went on the other 4-wheeler with my Dad. Bryson loved going through the water, going fast, and going off jumps.

We only had one slight incident the whole weekend. While we were hiking Bryson was goofing around playing in the dirt and happened to get a cactus through his jeans and pricked his legs. He screamed until it was taken out and then was happy to hold it and show it off. I am just glad he didn't land hands first into a pile of cactus, because he came close.

For dinner we ate at a place called Cafe Diablo. It was so good!!! Especially for being in the middle of no where.
Sunday morning we drove into Capital reef and drove around and hiked a little and then we came home.

Utah has such amazing places to visit that it is fun to get out and see them

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New T-Shirt World Record

Thanks to Johan we can all sleep easy knowning the world record for most t-shirts worn at any given time has been broken...