Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our raspberry bushes are growing and producing like crazy. Saturday Bryson and Eric went out and picked some and came back with the tupperware half full. They were delicious!!!

Bryson's bday and pioneer day

Last weekend we celebrated Pioneer day (July 24th) and Bryson's birthday (july 25th) . We usually combine the two because Bryson likes thinking the fireworks are on his birthday and Eric has the 24th off. I can't believe that Bryson is 6 years old, time flies. We had family come over for dinner on Friday. This year he wanted his birthday theme to be legos, so I made a lego cake. I tried a mock Rueben cake (for those in Bakersfield know what this is) with rasberries, pudding, and a whipped topping frosting. It was sooo good. For presents he got 5 sets of legos totaling over 200o lego pieces, I keep stepping on them and I know I will be picking them up for the rest of my life. We then did some fireworks and went and watched some. Bryson also had a kids birthday party on Monday. His theme was legos and we played find the missing lego piece, a building game, and how many legos can you pick up in one hand. The kids were wild, but they had fun.

Bryson and his lego cake

Bryson and Carley loved doing sparklers

fireworks in Charelston

Madalyn loved watching the fireworks and the noise didn't scare her one bit

Bryson's kids party

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For FHE last night we went up to Cascade Springs and went hiking and had hobo dinners (hamburger, potato, carrots, and onions wrapped in aluminum foil cooked in a campfire). For dessert we roasted marshmelllows. YUM!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday we took a day trip up Mirror Lake Highway to the Upper Provo river falls and then canoeing on Trial Lake. Bryson caught one fish and we had a blast with Sarah, Bryan, and William. It is so beautiful up there. Luckily we got off the lake and in the car before the rain and the hail started to come

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


We had a blast this past weekend. My Mom came to visit. Eric had Friday off and we borrowed the neighbors boat and went out on Deer Creek. I thought we would only stay for a couple hours, instead we got there at 11:00 and didn't leave until 6:00. We had so much fun. We had both Grandma Denver and Grandma provo there, so they took turns staying in the shade off the boat watching Maddy. then when she needed to be fed, I would come off the boat. We went tubing and had a blast. We even got both of the Grandma's on the tube!! Then Eric's brother and friend came later in the afternoon and they wakeboarded. We had a fun day.
Saturday was lazy in the morning and then I went with my Mom and maddy to Ikea while eric watched the other kids. For dinner we went to Sarah's in laws house for dinner because it was Bryan's birthday. We then came home and those that weren't exhausted watched fireworks from Memorial Hill.