Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No More Maddy's Jumping on the Bed

So the Friday before spring break I lay in bed at 7:00 in the morning after the kids had woken me up and tried pulling me out to make breakfast. I was slowly getting out of bed when I hear a big thud and Maddy start to cry. Carley and her were jumping on their bed and I don't know if she fell of or was pulled off by Carley or tried to jump down to follow Carley when she got down. In any case, she cried and hobbled around for the morning. I finally decided to take her to the doctor, who then sent us to get x-rays. And yes her foot was broken. The nurse practioner put a splint on and suggested we shouldn't go to St George for Spring Break because she couldn't get in the water and we would have to cast it the next wednesday at primary children's, which would cut our vacation short. They wanted to wait until the swelling went down, funny thing that it really never got swollen. Needless to say I was bummed. later that night the doctor called to make sure she was alright and I told him our situation. After looking at the x-ray he thought it would be ok to be in a pool because there would be no friction and she wouldn't be standing on it. Also we could wait until a week from Wednesday and just have the splint on. So we headed down to St George. Traveling in the car was not fun because the weight of the splint was uncomfortable for her as it hung from her carseat. She did fine on Sunday and Monday morning, but as we got to dinner Monday night she wouldn't stop crying. For awhile she wouldn't take the motrin either. She cried for 5 hours straight crying for me and I was holding her. Nothing could console her. Finally we decided to take the splint off and see if that would help. She finally stopped and we had a little sleep. At least she wasn't crying. In the morning we looked at her foot and noticed a big blister on the back of her heel. Even thought she wasn't walking on it, because we made her crawl like a dog most of the time she still got a blister. We were able to bandage it up and then put her splint back on and she was better. We did have one more 2 hour crying episode, but other than that she was usually pretty good. We decided to not wait until the next Wednesday and made an appt with an orthopedic surgeon to get it cast Thursday afternoon when we got home. Since having the cast on she has been back to normal. She runs and plays and sometimes I don't even think she remembers that it is on. She hobbles when she runs, but it doesn't stop or slow her down. Little kids heal fast and we are crossing our fingers that she will get it off this Thursday.

These pics were taken in St George with her splint. The sock is covering it up

On a side note, I love Maddy's curly hair. I have never done it in a pony tail because I love the curls. Well a week or so before her fall I decided to put it in a pony tail after her bath. it looked so cute and it made the curls on the sides and back even curlier. I love it and she thinks it is fun too. She is looking and acting so grown up lately.

this is her "cheese" smile

Jimmer and Bryson

So this post is a little out of order and I really need to catch up on spring break first, but it goes so well with the previous post that I just had to post it. Last Wednesday night we attended a graduation party at the Provo marriot with eric's mom who was graduating with a Masters in Social work. We were eating cake and taking pics when some girls came in and said that Jimmer was out in the lobby. Of course Bryson and I had to go and investigate. Yes he was in the lobby. He was taking pictures with someone else and I told Bryson to stand to the side and wait. Bryson didn't even have to ask him for a picture. Jimmer walked right up to Bryson and I was able to take a picture - that was after I turned my camera on. It had turned of automatically and I didn't realize it. Luckily I had a moment to turn it on and take two pics. Bryson is smiling one of my favorite smiles for him. He was so excited and couldn't stop talking about it for days. We still don't know why Jimmer was there that night, but Bryson was happy.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

March Madness

We have had March Madness in our house!!! Bryson has really gotten into BYU basketball this year. He was lucky enough to go to 3 home BYU basketball games and he got obsessed with Jimmer mania. For his second quarter report card he asked for a Jimmer jersey. After we bought it at the BYU bookstore we looked in the bag with the receipt and found that we got 5 free voucher tickets for home games. We were so excited. After the Colorado State game Eric and Bryson stayed after to see if they could get Jimmer's autograph. He never came out, but he did get Brandon Davies autograph the week before he got suspended.
Eric and Bryson also went to the New Mexico game and came home bummed.
We then were faithful watchers on TV of all the rest of the games.
As a joke early in the season I asked Eric if BYU went to the NCAA tournament and played in Denver, could we go. (My parents and brothers live in Denver and the drive is 8-9 hours) He said sure. Selction Sunday came and BYU was assigned to play in Denver. I was so excited, but Eric made me find a good deal for tickets. After I looked for 2 days, Eric got on the computer Tuesday morning and found a great deal. We snagged them and drove out to Denver after work on Wednesday. The tickets that we got included all the games on Thursday and Saturday. The seats were in the upper level, but we had a lot of fun. We got to see Morehead vs Louisville, Vanderbilt vs Richmond , Gonzaga vs St Johns, and BYU vs Woffard on Thursday. It was a long day at the Pepsi Center watching basketball. We were so excited when BYU won. Thursday night during the Gonzaga vs St John's game I happened to notice the BYU team come out and watch the game. Eric took Bryson down to the lower level and Bryson went down by himself and got Jimmer's autograph on his jersey. He was so excited.
On Saturday we got to see Morehead vs Richmond and BYU vs Gonzaga. The BYU game was amazing and fun to be at especially when they won.

Outside the Pepsi Center. We got 4 tickets to the games and my Dad was able to come with us. My mom and sister in law watched the girls while we were at the games.

Me, Bryson, and my Dad

BYU vs Gonzaga

above: Jimmer has the ball by the half court line

Final score BYU 89 Gonzaga 67

For the sweet sixteen game we had a party at our house and the kids dressed up in BYU. We were sad that BYU lost, but we had a fun season watching them and Bryson is still obsessed with Jimmer.

Bryson teaching Maddy the cougar fight song. this is where they roll their hands saying "GOOOOO Cougars"
The cheerleading outfit was Carley's from Halloween a few years ago.

Visit from Cousins

In the middle of March my mom, brother and his kids came out to visit my Grandma, who isn't doing very well. They were only here for a short weekend, but the cousins had fun playing together and having a sleep over in the front room.
Little did we know we would see them in a week when we would take a quick trip to Colorado.

Spring Fever

We have spring fever in our house and spring keeps teasing us. Some days it is beautiful outside and we can go play in warm weather. Other days it is snowing. On one of the beautiful days I took the girls and went down to Orem, which is a few degrees warmer, and went to the park with Sarah and William

Carley loves to swing. Maddy won't have anything to do with them

Train of people coming down the slide