Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break

I have finally set up lightroom 4 on my mac and can export directly from my computer to blog, so maybe I will do some more blogging.
We had Spring Break last week so the kids and I decided to go down to sunny st George for a couple days. Eric had to work and my cousin invited us down with her family. It was nice to go with another family because the kids got to play in the pool with friends and go out with friends. My kids love the pool and are little fishes. Bryson and Carley can swim by themselves and don't need any help. Maddy only uses the little floating wings and loves the water and playing by herself or with friends. I didn't evern need to be in the pool with her.
Grace, Carley, and Maizy in the hot tub
Maizy, Grace, and Carley playing games in the pool
Maddy ready to go swimming
Bryson playing with his big swim torpedo with Bridger and McCrae.

The second day we went on a hike in Snow's Canyon. It was a little long for the kids and it was a sandy trail, so they got whinny, but we made it and it was nice to be outside.
''On Thursday we went to a park called the spinny park. the kids loved it. This circle thing McCrae and Bryson are on spins around and you try not to fall off''
I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left of school. I am excited for summer this year and for some more sun!!


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I love the family! That is so sweet and happy!

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