Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 weeks

So Madalyn was 2 weeks old yesterday and she had her 2 week check-up. She weighed 8 lbs 2 ozs, so she has lost 8 ozs since she was born. She is still 21 inches and her head is 14 inches. The weight is the 50 percentile, height 75th percentile, and head is 50th percentile. The doctor said everything else looks great and that she is healthy.

family dinner

On Sunday Eric's aunt had a small family dinner so that his Grandma and other aunt could come and see Madalyn and William

Madalyn and William

Bryson, Maddy, and Carley

Madalyn's new spring dress

William and Madalyn

Bryson, Madalyn, Carley, Grandma Wells (Grandma Raspberry), and Grandma Anderson (Grandma Provo)

Madalyn and Grandma Wells (Eric's Grandma)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Madalyn's photoshoot

On Friday I went over to my friend Misty's house who has backdrops and photo lights and took pictures of Madalyn. She was fussy at first and not very cooperative, but after she calmed down and went to sleep we got her undressed and took some naked baby pictures. She was so peaceful and I just kept taking pictures. We got to the end and she was still sleeping so I kept taking pictures and we kept doing different poses. In the end I took about 400 pictures. it was crazy. Here are some of the pictures that I like the best. Hope you enjoy.


picture update

We aren't getting much sleep around here lately. Madalyn has her days and nights mixed up and she gets really fussy and gassy when we are getting ready for bed. She also likes to be bright eyes around 3:00 in the morning. She is also getting spoiled by sleeping in our bed. I don't like to sleep with her, but Eric loves to snuggle with her, especially if it means he can get a better night sleep than listening to her cry. I love to snuggle her, just during the day time is better for me. She is a sweet spirit in our house and we love having her around.
Here are a bunch of pictures from this past week. Hope you enjoy.
I took this picture myself with the camera. It was a little tricky, but she was so peaceful and snuggly on my chest.

Sunday March 8th
Madalyn keeping her eyes open

Sunday March 8th
Carley and Bryson love their little sister. They love to hover around her when I am feeding and putting her to sleep. Bryson has put her to sleep in his arms a couple of times and he is very proud of doing it. They both love to give her kisses and pat her head

Carley and Madalyn

Carley, Bryson and Madalyn

Carley giving Madalyn a kiss

Bryson and Madalyn
Picture taken Thursday March 5th
Bryson, Carley and Madalyn

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pictures of Madalyn

So I took some pictures of Madalyn yesterday and today. My mom and I also gave her a sponge bath today. It made her hair curly, which is how my hair was when I was born.

Leaving the Hospital

My doctor said that I could leave anytime I wanted to so I decided that I would get a better night sleep at home so I left the hospital Tuesday night. My bed was a lot more comfortable and I didn't have nurses waking us up in the middle of the night. Madalyn didn't sleep very well during the night, but I was able to pass her off to my mom in the morning and got 3 hours of sleep.

On the way home from the hospital we Eric and I stopped at Carrabbas and got some food to-go and then ate it at his Mom's house. While we were at his mom's house Sarah came over with William and we were able to take pictures of the cousins together.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So we finally have a name for "baby sister" as Carley like to call her. Her name is Madalyn Ann Anderson.
A little update on the birth is that I was induced and started pitocin around 9:30 yesterday morning. The doctor broke my water at 10:00 and I was 3 centimeters dialted. At 12:00 I was 5 centimeters and at 1:15 I was ready to go. She basically came out on her own. Her head came out by herself and I pushed once for one shoulder and another push for the other shoulder. Super easy!!! Good thing I didn't wait any longer or she could have been 9 lbs or bigger. She has cute chubby legs and thighs and is healthy.
She didn't sleep much last night, but she loves to nurse. She is sleeping a lot today and hopefully we can get the days and nights right. She loves to snuggle with her dad and is a sweet little girl. We love her.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Ok now it is our turn

At 1:35 Dawnelle gave birth to our 3rd child. She was 8pound 10 ounces....