Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bryson's 3 month check up

Along with playing catch up I guess I better post on Bryson's 3 month check up yesterday for those of you who don't have facebook. He had a CT scan and X-rays last week and we met with the doctor yesterday and everything came back clean. There is no sign of cancer in his body and he is a healthy, active, energtic little boy. He has even grown 2 inches since January and is now 45 1/2 inches tall. He doesn't gain much weight so he is still skinny (43 pounds) and has no meat on his bones, but he is growing. We love him so much and even when he is testing my patience (which is everyday), I have to remind myself how lucky we are that he is healthy.

Catch up

I am trying to play catch up and get all the things we did over the summer on the blog. Here are a couple new posts from the end of July and beginning of August.

Fair Days cont.

Along with the demolition derby we also got to go to the rodeo the next week. We usually go to this every year and my kids love it. It is fun to get them dressed up and go. They love to watch the animals and I especially love the bull riding.

Wasatch County Fair Days

I love when fair days come around in Heber. It is so much fun and lot of things to do. It also reminds me of when I was younger and these were the weeks that I would come and spend with my grandma and go to all these activities with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My brother Nathan was in town for Bryson's birthday and the reunion and he wanted to go to the demolition derby. I haven't been since I was in high school, but I got tickets and we went. It was a little red neck, but we had fun- apart from the drunk people behind us getting in a fight. Bryson loved watching the cars smash into each other and couldn't stop talking about it for weeks. he would even go outside with his friends and get his cars and play derby.

Feher Reunion

My Aunt and cousin planned a reunion with my dad's side of the family who doesn't get together very often. This was right after Bryson's birthday in July so my parents were able to go. It was fun to see Aunt, Uncles, and cousins who I don't see very often. Also to see all the cousins who have kids just like I do. We met at Vivian Park and had a picnic and played some fun games and talked. It was a lot of fun.

My aunt Jeannine blowing bubbles with Maddy and Carley

Jeannine helping Carley on the monkey bars

Jeannine helping Morgan, my brother's daughter on the monkey bars.


Morgan and Carley. They are about 9 months apart in age. They had fun playing with each other.

My cousin Tiffanie's husband Steve and their little boy Calum.

Maddy playing in the rocks

The adults playing some funny game that I can't remember the name to.

Jeannine and Natalie and her kids

Playing in the water
Thanks for a great time everybody.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bryson's first day of 2nd grade

Back to school. Bryson had his first day of 2nd grade today. His teacher is Mrs Hogan. As we were walking home from school he told me that he likes to go to school. On the first day of school
every year I do a candy gram. He reminded me this morning that he would be expecting one when he got home from school.

Bryson's bday invitation

This video was too big so I had to upload it to youtube.

I am finally posting Bryson's birthday invitation. I love this invitation. Eric did an awesome job. When I was searching on the internet for ideas I came across an invitation similar and I asked Eric if he could figure it out. Of course he did and it only took him a couple hours to put it all together. it has taken me so long to finally post it because I wanted Eric to take the address and phone number off which he finally did. Anyways - enjoy!

If you didn't see Bryson fighting darth vader at disneyland, you didn't watch long enough - Eric put it at the end of the invitation

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bryson's Star Wars Birthday

Because Bryson has gone through so much this past year and we are so grateful to have him be healthy we decided to do a big celebration for his birthday. I usually do a kids/friends party and then a dinner for family, but this year I decided to do it all together. We had it at the church which was nice because it had lots of room for the kids to fight. I loved the invitations. Eric did such an awesome job. I will put them up later, but when I was looking for ideas there were some on youtube which changed the beginning credits of star wars to make it invite the friends and talk about the birthday boy as a young padawan having a jedi training. We put them on a cd and delivered them to the kids. I made light sabers out of swim noodles and the kids loved fighting with each other. At the party we did a mock disneyland jedi training. Eric trained all the kids to fight against darth vader and then we had darth vader come and all the kids got to fight against him. (Darth Vader was a guy from Eric's work that also came to the hospital when Bryson was sick.)
Eric training the kids how to fight the jedi way

Darth Vader coming in

The kids loved fighting darth vader

Our family with darth vader

Bryson with his Star Wars cake. Eric's sister Sarah made the cake and it was awesome. She did a bunch of characters in fondant all around the cake and then darth vader is on top. Bryson loved it

Bryson was ready for battle

Madalyn and William fighting each other.

Bryson fighting with one of his friends

The whole birthday group with darth vader

William with darth vader. He had no idea darth vader was behind him or else he would have cried.

Bryson and darth vader

Bryson, Eric, and darth vader.

Bryan, Sarah, and Willaim with darth vader

Nathan, Debbie, Morgan, and Caden with Darth Vader.
My family was in town for a family reunion so it was nice to see them and have them come to the party and support Bryson

Sarah with darth vader and her awesome cake

The kids fighting with light sabers.

It was such a great night and the kids had so much fun.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Continuing Bryson's birthday week my parents came out with my neice and nephews and my brother and his family also came out. Bryson loves going boating so we took them all out on the boat. The kids loved to tube.

Dawnelle wake surfing. My first time. It was a lot of fun.

Debbie wake surfing

Nathan wake boarding

Dawnelle and Debbie on the tube

Eric wake surfing - Bryson took the picture

Nathan wake surfing
It was a fun day out on the lake. We got pushed out because of bad weather, but we had a lot of fun. We got home and we planned for all the adults to go out to dinner. We got 2 babysitters to watch all 8 kids at my house and my mom, dad, Nathan, Debbie, me, and Eric went out to dinner at Snake Creek Grill. it was really good. It has been along time since just the adults went out to dinner. It was a nice relaxing dinner

We were getting everybody ready for bed out front and maddy decided she wanted to lay down with them. it didn't last long, but it was cute for a picture

The next morning Morgan and Carley with lovely crazy hair.